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2023 winter bookings

Bookings go live on Tuesday, November 1st at 12:00 pm midday.
There will be no bag transfers to Bob and Daisy Lee huts, these huts should only be booked by experienced skiers and snowshoers. 
New bag limit of 15kg to transfers to Musterers and Meadow Huts. Bags must be checked in at Snow Farm Before 1 pm.
Check-in closes at 12:00 pm for huts. Your booking will be cancelled with no refund if you arrive after this time. 


Snow Farm’s alpine huts are located a 1-2 hour ski or snowshoe from the main base area, and in the summer you can bike or walk in a similar timeframe. 

Snow Farm NZ has four alpine hut options to choose from and each hut features a gas cooker, log burner, firewood, dishwashing up supplies, and a range of basic cooking and cutlery equipment. All you need to bring is food, drinks, a sleeping bag, and your overnight belongings, we ensure year round the huts have basic supplies. 

Although there is no running water at the huts, you do not need to bring water as we deliver containers of drinking water for you to use. For those who haven’t stayed at a Alpine Hut before, there is no mains electricity, and a long-drop toilet outside (toilet paper provided). 


Musterers – 4.5km : New in 2022 but full of old-world charm, the Musterers hut can sleep up to 36 people in many configurations. It has three eight-bed bunkrooms on one side and three four-bed bunkrooms. Each side of the hut can be isolated by a partition wall in the middle, giving each side its own log burner, cooking, dining and entry. When booking, you can book the entire hut exclusively, the Westside of 12 beds or the Eastside of 24 beds, or book a bed or bunkroom. 

Meadow – 3.4km: A favourite of many, capable of sleeping 20 people in an open-plan setting, with a mezzanine that is excellent for the kids. 

Bob Lee – 5.4km: The original tunnel style hut that used to be situated high up on the Pisa Conservation area. Sleep’s 7 in an open plan.  

Daisy Lee- 5.4km: The most basic of our huts, but she’s basic but warm. Situated next to Bob Lee- great overflow for Bob. Sleeps 6


Click the trail map to see the full version.

Booking Release dates

Winter Season – June 1st to October 31st

November 1st 12:00 pm – Meadow Hut Exclusive Only, Bob lee and Daisy Lee Huts Exclusive and by-the-bed bookings available. 

May 1st 12 pm – Musterers Hut Bunkrooms release 

June 1st 12:00 pm – Musterers and Meadow Hut by the bed

Summer Season – November 1st to May 31st

May 1st 12:00 pm – All huts exclusive and by the bed – Exclusive bookings only on Public Holidays.

What to bring?

  • Mobile phone It’s essential that your group has a fully charged and operational mobile phone to hand in case of emergencies. We also recommend a backup USB battery pack to ensure your phone does not run out of battery. 
  • First Aid Kit  All of our huts, have first-aid kits, but we always suggest our guests also carry their own first-aid kit if an accident occurs when travelling to or from the huts.
  • Pillow and sleeping bag  Snow Farm NZ provides mattresses in the huts, but you must bring your own sleeping bag and, if desired, a pillow.
  • Food and drink  The alpine  huts should have all the cooking equipment and utensils you need to prepare an enjoyable meal, including gas cookers, cutlery, pots, pans and cups.
  • Drinking water  Snow Farm NZ provides water at the huts in 20L containers that have been filled at the Snow Farm Lodge from their drinking water supply. That said, we cannot guarantee what happens after we leave the water at the hut, so we recommend that you boil any water for three minutes before drinking it — or bring in drinking water with you.
  • Torches  While the Meadow Hut has a solar LED lighting system, and the Bob Lee has portable solar lights, we recommend that each member of your group has a head-torch (flashlight) or similar light source with them. All huts have on-site outdoor long-drop toilets, and in the event of an emergency or evacuation, night torches will be required.
  • Medication  If anyone in your party has a medical condition that requires medication, please ensure they take three extra days of medication. Please also ensure you have made the staff at the Snow Farm NZ fully aware of their condition.

Hut bag transfers (winter only)

Snow Farm NZ provides bag transport to the hut using our snowmobile and an attached luggage trailer. This trailer is open-topped and can occasionally get snow in it. All gear must be stored in a weather-proof bag or a chilly bin or sturdy box. All liquids must be in sealed containers. 

Snow Farm reserves the right to refuse individual items of gear not stored inside a pack or bag. Our pricing is per bag, chilly bin or box. Guests may purchase additional bags at the time of check-in at Snow Farm’s Guest Services. Please bring your bags through to Guest Services, where you will receive instructions about where to drop them off. 

Our snowmobile bag transfer service leaves the main base area at 2 pm and will collect your bags from the hut at 9:00 am the following day and should be expected to be back at base around 11:00 am. All bags, including sealed rubbish bags, must be packed and placed by the hut’s door. There are rubbish bags at the huts. 

It is difficult to be flexible at these times as the round trip can often take time, and we need to ensure the safety of our employees being off the trails before dark. Please have your gear ready when indicated.

Summer Access

During summer, exclusive hut bookings may take one support vehicle in with them if permission is granted by Snow Farm NZ management. Vehicles are only allowed to travel to the huts if the trails are dry. 

However, if weather conditions are not favourable, management reserves the right to decline vehicle access. All guests should be able to transport themselves to the hut if the conditions are not suitable for vehicle support. This is to preserve the trails and the environment at Snow Farm NZ.  Hut bookings aren’t able to be made on the assumption that Guests can take a vehicle if access is denied due to weather. This does not allow bookings to be cancelled.

The Snow Farm may allow a transfer of a booking to an alternative date in that season provided that we have capacity/availability. We will not transfer a booking for the following season, and no refunds are given.

Bob Lee, Daisy Lee, Meadow and the Musterers Hut log burners were kindly provided by Yunca