The Pisa Conservation Area is 23,000 ha of stunning high country overlooking the Upper Clutha and Wakatipu basins, and beyond to the Southern Alps/Ka Tiritiri o te Moana.

During winter, access to the Pisa Conservation Area (PCA) is proved by arrangement between Snow Farm NZ and Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG) as an alternative to the Legal Easement through the SHPG Vehicle Testing Facilities which requires briefing and escorts in and out to mitigate risks to visitors.

For anyone that does not hold a valid Snow Farm trail pass, a road toll of $20 per vehicle is payable online. If you’re a day visitor, your vehicle may be parked in the main carpark. However, if you are intending to be back after 4pm or staying overnight then you MUST park your vehicle at the south end of the lodge in front of the DOC sign.

The alternative route is to the south of the Snow Farm Lodge where you can access the beginning of our trails. Once on the trails, you continue heading south for approximately 500m where you then need to turn off the trail and head down the valley marked with Department of Conservation (DOC) markers.

Once on the trails, you continue heading south, following the corrugated iron fence, for approximately 500m. You’ll notice our trails heading off to the left; this is where you then need to turn off the trail and head east down the valley. The designated route is clearly marked with the Department of Conservation (DOC) orange topped poles.

This first 500m part of the Snow Farm trail network you are permitted to use without a valid trail pass. If you are found on other trails without a pass you may be liable to enforcement action for using the Snow Farm NZ facilities without paying.

Once you arrive at Musterers flat, you must cross the Meg River into the Pisa Conservation Area. The Meg River delineates the boundary between the two properties.

When returning, you must follow the same route. On the last 500m when you are using one of Snow Farm’s trails, please be mindful that machinery operates from 4pm-9am.

Snow and avalanche Conditions

Beyond the Snow Farm Trails is the Backcountry. 

This means there may be avalanche hazard present, and there are no ski-patrol services.  Anyone venturing into the Backcountry takes responsibility for their own decisions on factors such as weather, terrain and avalanche hazard.   

Our staff don’t keep tabs on snow or avalanche conditions outside Snow Farm. 



Summer Access

During the summer months, access is provided to the Snow Farm NZ trail network using the access at the southern end of the lodge. The summer road toll is $20 and can be paid using the honesty box at the access to the trails. Failure to pay and display a valid receipt or printed booking confirmation in your window may result in your vehicle being clamped.