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During Winter, the ‘Overnight Stay’ fee covers the hut overnight stay only. A trail pass (to access our trails) and rentals (skis, boots, poles) will be an additional charge — please see Overnight Trail Pass & Rentals Package below. We do not allow dogs in huts overnight, for health and hygiene reasons.

Exclusive pass and rental Deals for Overnight Guests

Overnight Packages – 12pm to 12pm the following day – Only with valid hut bookingAdultStudentChild
Cross Country Skiing Overnight Experience – Lesson, Trail Pass and Rentals$109.00$87.00$54.00
Cross Country Skiing Rental and Trail Pass$99.00$76.00$44.00
Trail Pass Only$55.00$44.00$22.00
Snowshoe Package – Snowshoe Pass and Snowshoe Rentals*$76.00$54.00$32.00
*Does not include footwear, boots are available to rent.

Musterers Hut Booking Calender

Meadow, BOB AND DAISY LEE Calender

Booking Release dates

Winter Season – June 1st to October 31st

November 1st 12:00 pm – Meadow Hut Exclusive Only, Bob lee and Daisy Lee Huts Exclusive and by the bed bookings available. 

May 1st 12pm – Musterers Hut Bunkrooms release 

June 1st 12:00 pm – Musterers and Meadow Hut by the bed

Summer Season – November 1st to May 31st

May 1st 12:00 pm – All huts exclusive and by the bed – Exclusive bookings only on Public Holidays.

Bob Lee, Daisy Lee, Meadow and the Musterers Hut log burners were kindly provided by Yunca