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During Winter, the ‘Overnight Stay’ fee covers the hut overnight stay only. A trail pass (to access our trails) and rentals (skis, boots, poles) will be an additional charge — please see Overnight Trail Pass & Rentals Package below. We do not allow dogs in huts overnight, for health and hygiene reasons.

Musterers Hut Booking Calender

Meadow, BOB AND DAISY LEE Calender

Exclusive pass and rental Deals for Overnight Guests

Overnight Packages – 12pm to 12pm the following day – Only with valid hut bookingAdultStudentChild
Cross Country Skiing Overnight Experience – Lesson, Trail Pass and Rentals$109.00$87.00$54.00
Cross Country Skiing Rental and Trail Pass$99.00$76.00$44.00
Trail Pass Only$55.00$44.00$22.00
Snowshoe Package – Snowshoe Pass and Snowshoe Rentals*$76.00$54.00$32.00
*Does not include footwear, boots are available to rent.

Booking Release dates

Winter Season – June 1st to October 31st

November 1st 12:00 pm – Meadow Hut Exclusive Only, Bob lee and Daisy Lee Huts Exclusive and by the bed bookings available. 

May 1st 12pm – Musterers Hut Bunkrooms release 

June 1st 12:00 pm – Musterers and Meadow Hut by the bed

Summer Season – November 1st to May 31st

May 1st 12:00 pm – All huts exclusive and by the bed – Exclusive bookings only on Public Holidays.

Bob Lee, Daisy Lee, Meadow and the Musterers Hut log burners were kindly provided by Yunca