Dog Information

At Snow Farm we recognise that your pup is a part of your family and that he or she could enjoy the Snow Farm NZ trails as much as, if not more than you.

Outside of our winter operating period you are welcome to bring your dog.  In winter providing you have a valid Dog Day Pass or Dog Season Pass, you can take your dog with you for an adventurous ski or snowshoe on our 55km of trails or off piste.

Please respect the fact the access road is through a working farm and do not stop to let your dog out to toilet or run. 

Read our dog rules before booking a day pass or season pass. 


Snow Farm's dog rules

Dog pass rules

  • Dogs must have a valid dog day pass or season pass to have access to the trails
  • Handlers must have a trail pass or season pass to access the trails
  • We don’t allow dogs in huts during the day or overnight for health and hygiene reasons
  • All owners must carry doggie bags to clean up after their dogs
  • Leashes/tethers cannot exceed 4 feet
  • Dogs may not be left unattended on/near the facility
  •  Dogs are not permitted in the Snow Farm Lodge Reception, Cafe, Restaurant or Rentals Area, with the exception of exempted service dogs or by prior arrangement with Snow Farm Lodge management
  • Dog owners must report any incidents to Snow Farm NZ Ltd staff immediately. Should your dog become injured, Snow Farm NZ cannot be liable
  • Owner/handler to dog ratio may not exceed 1:1 unless tethered to a sled for the purposes of sled dogging or Skijorers may have more than one dog only by the express permission of management.

Where can you ski or snowshoe with your dog?

  • Trails permitted to be used with dogs ON LEASH: Highlander, Merino Glen, River Run, The Loop, Dog Loop, 2006
  • Trails permitted to be used with dogs OFF LEASH if under voice control and within sight of the handler: Hanging Valley and Gorge Trails.
  • All dogs must be on a leash near our base building and in parking lots

Your dog will not be welcome at Snow Farm if:
  • The dog displays or is perceived to display aggressive or dangerous personality
  • The dog bites and/or nips a person, dog, or cause property damage, and/or is directly or indirectly involved in an incident.
  • The owner cannot demonstrate voice control when asked by Snow Farm NZ Ltd staff.
Dog Sled teams
  • Dog sled teams must have a valid pass for each dog
  • Dog sled teams are only permitted to run on the Dog Loop