Group Hut Information

For Winter Bookings

This is a handy page to share amongst your group when staying at a Snow Farm hut during our winter season to ensure things run super smooth.

Not sure what operations we are running during your hut visit? – Have a read here.

Key Information

Check in by 12:30pm

Bags checked in by 1pm – 15kg limit

Overnight trail pass required

No furry friends at the huts sorry!

Before you arrive

Please make sure you’ve read our health and safety document as well as the below information. 
There is also a waiver form the group organiser will be sent that all parties need to complete. 


Overnight Trail Passes, Rentals & Lessons

During winter, everyone needs a valid overnight trail pass, seasons pass or multi-day pass. 

Our overnight passes are valid from 12pm to 12pm the following day. If you’d like to ski longer, you’ll need to book an extra half day pass. 

Rentals include cross-country classic and skate skis (most beginners will use classic skis), boots and poles. We also have snowshoes that attach to the outside of your boot or shoe and pulk sleds to tow small children. 

If you need a cross-country ski lesson, our overnight experience package includes a 12pm lesson, as well as a trail pass and rentals. 

Hut guests can use touring skis, but they still need a valid trail pass.  

We don’t allow walking on our trails without snowshoes. 


Bag Transfers – 15kg max

We can transfer your bag to Meadow or Musterers Huts for $25 per bag (return).

Bags need to be checked in by 1pm and we will pick them up at 9am on the day you leave the hut – we won’t wait around for bags sorry!

Bags or chilly bins need to be 15kgs or less (our staff can be lifting 50+ bags a day!) and need to be sealed.

If you are staying at Bob Lee or Daisy Lee huts you can get them delivered to Meadow or Musterers and carry them the remaining 1-2km. You’ll need to have them back there by 9am on the day you leave. 


What’s in the Huts?

  • Gas cookers, cutlery, pots, pans, cups, tea towels.

  • Log burner, firewood and matches

  • 20L containers of water (we recommend boiling it before drinking it)

  • Mattresses

  • Outdoor long drop toilet

Cellphone reception: 

Meadow: None (emergency reception spot on the hill behind)

Musterers Hut: Patchy

Bob and Daisy Lee: Good


What to Bring?

  • A sleeping bag (and pillow if needed)


  • A fully charged cell phone for emergencies and battery pack


  • Food and snacks


  • First aid kit


  • Warm clothes for outside, and comfortable hut clothes for inside


  • For safety reasons, we recommend that each member of your group has a head torch or torch.

When you arrive


Overnight Parking

We have an overnight parking spot on the left hand side as you drive into the Snow Farm carpark. You will need an overnight parking card from guest services or a carpark warden to display on your dash. 

Parking is limited so please try your best to car pool!


Check In

Our check in time is 12:30 at the latest

This may seem early, but it is to allow ample time to get through rentals, mull around, make your way to the huts and radio in before our team go home and it gets dark.

We can make exceptions in special circumstances based on group experience – please contact us more than 48 hours in advance if you can’t make 12:30pm and management will make a decision. 

There are no exceptions to our bag transfer cut off time of 1pm. 



Please radio us when your whole group has arrived at the hut for the night. There are instructions on the wall. 

This can also be used for weather communications or other emergencies. 

We’ll remind you of this when you check-in.

When you Leave


Cleaning & Rubbish

Please sweep and tidy the hut as best you can and take all rubbish out with you. 

At Meadow Hut and Musterers Hut we can take rubbish out with our bag transfers but you will need to pick it up and take it home with you. 


Check Out

Our check out time is 10am.

Any bags will be picked up from Musterers and Meadow around 9am and will be back at base between 10:30am and 11am.  


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See you soon 🙂