Snow Farm Youth Programs

The Snow Farm Academy is the perfect way for your child to have fun, make friends, and develop new skills. The academy accommodates a full range of abilities from beginners to those wanting to be competitive. 

Learning to cross-country ski opens up a whole new side to skiing, promoting a healthy lifestyle and freedom to ski anywhere. Your child will learn in a fun environment and quickly become confident skiers ready to explore the trails at Snow Farm. The Academy and the Mini Merinos run on Saturday afternoons from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm for six weeks starting July 30th.

The Snow Farm Academy is for youth from 9 years old and up and will give the participants life-long skills on cross country skis through a progressive and fun environment. Mini Merinos is our fun Saturday Afternoon program for kids aged 5-9. Ideal for learning the basics of cross country skiing, playing some games and having a good time on the snow. These ages are just guides, and it’s common for kids to go up or down depending on their skill level.
Both programs will culminate in the participants entering and competing in the Merino Muster with the support of their coaches.

All participants in any of our youth programs will be able to purchase a Youth Seasons pass for $50 with an additional $49 for rentals if required; family pass options are also available to participants’ families.